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It comes full circle with Bob

Forgive me blog gods it has been blank weeks since I last blogged.  Man, just when I thought I was free and in the clear of “morning” sickness, I hit a wall.  Right after I last wrote (reminder for those skimmers out there, you know who you are, “friends:” I was running around Wash park and loving life) I got super sick again and have been buying Zofran on the black market in back alleys.  Oh wait, I live in Colorado… I just stalked my pharmacy for early refills.  This has become a way of life for me folks.  I’m doomed to have “morning” sickness my entire pregnancy.  I can’t help but think this is what happens when you get knocked up living in sin. (12 years of Catholic school guilt all up in yo faces).

Onto more important news, I went to Mexico recently which was planned pre-fertilization (sorta… rather I found out my pee stick was positive and I got on the phone to my friend and said, kinda hysterical like, “lets book that flipping vaca to Mexico, like tonight, like now, like you need to get your arse over to my apartment and bring your credit card.”) and this baby moon turned into one big looser-vill type of place. Note: do not ever use  Not unless you love when resorts are advertised as Adults Only, All Inclusive and you instead get a resort with a Kidz Club and the nightly entertainment as Zumba dancing and hit the piñata.  I mean they even spelled the club with a “z” which makes me mad.  I have never hated kids so much as I did on this trip as well as gotten so irate at a staff for  running out of ice cream.  I also became racist towards people who did not speak English.  To sum it all up:  I contemplated suicide with a beach towel, questioned my ability as a parent and wanted to become an alcoholic, the non-functionable kind.  I blame all those emotions on being pregnant.  I have that right.  Especially when you throw up three times before 9am. Wah.

I also recently moved to a new house with my man friend, in Park Hill.  It’s a lovely place. Except when you are at a pleasant Jazz at the Park Sunday evening and tragedy strikes with a shooting.  There was a split second when a wave of over a hundred people were running towards me and my manfriend when I thought we’re not gonna make it.  Redick.  What is this world coming to. We really like the house and even have a special room for the un bebe which makes my heart happy.  It currently stocks a “Bob” stroller that my mom (bless her in all her neurotic glory) haaaad to buy me right away in case anyone else bought it for me.  As if there were a line of people to buy me a “Bob” stroller.  Then I told my grandma how great it was that she bought it for me and my grandmom was like “Oh, uh, I’ll buy you a crib and mattress!!”  I had a very brief glimps into why I am so weird. I also had a large glimps into how I have a manipulative mind and wanted to use this mother/daughter contest to my advantage.  Hey, I’m not the one that never got hugged.

Closest to mi casa (I’m still in Mexico apparently) is a Walmart.  I was really hoping for some good ‘ol fashion People of Walmart type experience.  And nothing. Laaaame.  Again what is this world coming to.  I did feel slightly numb after the 2 hours I spend in there.  Having a grocery store with a store that sells clothes and home goods really takes a lot out of me.  I plan on the next visit to be more exciting.  If I can’t get People of Wal-Mart to me I will start the trend.  I’m thinking a smelly barefoot baby while breastfeeding and shopping for cold cuts.  Only thing is I’ll have to wait 4.5 months and I just know I’m going to need hot dog buns AND a tankenie before then.  Just joking I don’t eat hot dogs.


Prenatals!, B6 for nausea (for the birds!), Zofran like it’s crack (yes it is ok for the baby!), Tylenol prn for headaches cause my hormones are whackety wack!.


Virgin Bloody Mary’s almost daily (out of control), random sips of beer when people are not judging me, veggies and hummus, Mexican food (see I am not racist after all), salty chips when I want to be “bad” and fruit, etc….


I ran like one or two other times L  I’ve been lifting weights a bit at home, when I go to the gym I like the rowing machine or the bicycle, lately with the 100 degree heat I have just been sweating all the time, etc…

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