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Vegetable Crudite obsession

on May 23, 2012

Writing everyday seems laborious and typing my pregnancy slash (love typing out the “slash”) TBT sob story seems annoying.  Annoying like how Pheobee asked me yesterday when I was emotionally crying, laying in bed nauseous and exhausted: “Are you guys [manfriend] getting along?” and I responded “Yeah, we dont fight, its weird”  I proceeded to think of all the ways I probably would have rolled my eyes at someone who told me that.

It’s not too annoying because I’m still writing (eyes rolling).

The last few days have been good, granted I still need my nausea medicine and there seems no end in sight for the end of that.  Besides yesterday (when I tried going drug free and almost had a melt down), I’ve felt a wee bit better.  I’ve taken off the sweat pants and spruced myself up to go out to “events” three days in a row, heels included.  And eyeliner…. hello! And I have tried to eat better.  No grease for me!  Except mid veggie/hummus dip obsession my waiter at one place suggested the cheese fondue!!!  It was served with veggies!!!  But he ruined/glorified the whole thing cause then he brought out fresh cut french fries to dip, stating “I never could figure out what was missing with this fondue until I tried french fries, here take a bowl and try some.”   Thank you new friend because dipping those fries in that digestive slowing pool of cheesy goodness made it taste like I was eating a hotdog OR a loaded baked potato, the jury is still out.

I do not have much of an appetite, last two days I have been living off of fresh fruit and raw veggies with organic hummus.  Its semi-annoying (apparently I’m annoyed easily) when people say “I’m eating for two!!!”  Uh yeah pre-fatty McGee you’re gonna be post-fatty McGee too because all you need to do is eat 300 extra calories a day not a whole extra meal at McDonald’s. (To disclose: I have done this when I was in the prime of my morning sickness, I judge me too)

Mid-meltdown Tuesday I walked to Einsteins Bagels on my rare break from work and ate a lightly buttered raison bagel toasted.  Ate that, then went back up to the counter and had a re-play (my extra 300 calories).  I threw (as in hurled) that last one up a little bit later 😦  Not on purpose judgers!!!

My meltdown was mainly due to me feeling like crap but it might also be due to the fact that I am in the middle of evicting my current tenants and my lawyer is raping me in fees, I just signed a lease with my manfriend for a 3 bedroom house with yard in Park Hill (as if a baby was not enough), I’m mad I can’t run, I found out I will be without insurance for 2 months when I change jobs, yeah I’m changing jobs (no weekends and nothing past 6pm now)….

Sob story comes to a close.

I’m eating healthier and getting stronger!!!

Last minute attempt to make this blog positive comes to a close.



One response to “Vegetable Crudite obsession

  1. I’ve been there twice…between 16 and 20 weeks you turn a corner and all of a sudden you don’t feel nausea anymore.

    Until then find the one thing that keeps it tame for you and realize the things the trigger. Between 5 and 6 weeks you have to have a lot of protein for eye development, so I was increasing my protein….every single protein sent me right into the toilet. So I had to find the one that I could keep down, peanut butter.

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