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March 23rd-May 16th 2012 Apocalypse or Legend?

on May 16, 2012

Did I skip a few days?

Did anything happen within those days? Oh nothing too special only I found out I am pregnant with my man-friends man-child.  Yeah thats happening.

Here’s my quick spiel (which I’m finding out is more for me than anyone else): I’m 31, I have  good job, I make good money, ditto on the man-friend. So what if we met on the Internets (shopping for a good mutual fund of course) and have not been dating very long.  So what if we did not use protection once and that quickly turned into an after school special.  So what if I dont know his last name (that one is a lie).  We are soul mates (barf, who says that for real). He has been my rock through the past two months and that alone has made him an amazing person that I do not mind one bit raising a child with, we do have something special and I’ll be darned if starting that “special” happened sooner than the “life plan.” That said, how awesome to start it sooner, I’m in.  He might be slightly more excited than me.  Once again I ask, am I a dude?

On the health side I have had the worst morning sickness of-my-life, ever, in all of my feeling like crap days.  Who knew growing another human life inside of you could make you want to also kill yourself and/or lay in bed all day and only get up to A. puke or B. puke.  Fuuuuuuuck.  I tried to be all “Oh I’m fine, I’m going to mentally tell myself that I feel great and that” Trying that reverse phycology is enough to want to tear your brain out.  Eventually I succumbed to the shittiness and have been puking ever since.

TBT allowed my body to be at its most healthy it has ever been.  Of course I was more prone to get pregnant. Duh. I should have known!  But lately I have been eating like crap,  for a month, lets be honest.  No, really. Crap. Stuff I have not eaten since I was in highschool and I’m even going to go so far as to say when I was a toddler in the 80’s when food was like AIDS, not too much was known about it (hell for that analogy).  Donuts, cheese, white bread, you name it. Whatever I was “craving” I ate because I could not eat anything.  In fact I lost a pound the past 2 months.  New Diet: Preggo AM Sickness: 50 ways to ruin your diet and still lose one pound.  Write it down Suzanne Summers. I know you will.

I have not worked out, although if you count getting up 5 times  a night to pee, then I am an Olympic pee-er. Fuuuuu

I am 11.5 weeks, I’m waiting for the 12 week day where I will throw myself a little goodbye pity party and feel normal, eat healthy again and find out what weights are again.  I need to for my sanity, my unborn baby (so dramatic) and because I’m F-ing running the Boulder Boulder 10k Memorial Day, a Half Marathon in Steamboat June 3rd, a “Half” Marathon Trail run in Leadville (fuck), and a bazillion mile Relay in July.  Prayers are being accepted.

I am undecided what this blog will be, mainly me being pregnant and trying to eat healthy and work out.  I have thoughts for the babe not to have sugar while I am pregnant nor the first year it is born….. I’m not quite there yet, I’m just trying to eat whatever I can and whatever stays down.

Vitamins: Prenatal <—–that also got me pregnant

Eats:  I dont know if I can bring myself to list the “bad” I consume until I start feeling better

Exercise:  This makes me grumpy


5 responses to “March 23rd-May 16th 2012 Apocalypse or Legend?

  1. Frida says:

    Babies are wonderful. Hard, but the best love you will ever know. Don’t go getting married just for the baby. I’m looking forward to reading your blog!

  2. kgraettinger says:

    Whoa Booyah my jaw literally dropped! Congrats! I am kind of excited for you and happy you’re happy with your man friend soul mate. Is this why you never showed up at the LOVE sculpture to confess your love for me last week? It’s okay, I understand.

  3. afhill says:

    I forgot when you first got on the TBT I thought you were preggers b//c of the prenatal vits!!

    Hon, all those races are nice to have scheduled, but look after yourself and baby Boots. If you’re not sure about em, don’t do em!

  4. OMG Congratulations!!!!!!!!

  5. Judas Beast says:

    Just checked in on your blog to see if you were coming along on this round of TBT… Surprise!!! Congratulations!!! Hope you are happy and well!

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