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Day 82: Thursday

on March 22, 2012

Last night I had beer for dinner, 3 to be exact, and that made me very tipsy (borderline drunk). I made it to three bars. There was walking to the first and second and a cab to the third cause I was cold and lazy and tipsy. After that was all said and done I had an amazing piece of pizza. Seriously amazing. It turned into a drunkin random Wednesday. I had fun and I do not regret the fun part. Obviously drinking three beers and having a slice of pizza was not “clean” and beer makes me gassy. But I’m kinda indifferent to the backlash of TBT. I’m burned out on blogging. I almost think 60 days is a good challange. Then again, I could be trying to mold things to ME.

I got up to go to boot camp but went back to bed, I was not really hung over (I woke up several times to re-hydrate) but I was really content snuggling and plus my car was blocked in and I had a very long day ahead of me that I really was not convinced I would make it through if I had gotten up that early. Excuses Smauses.

My stepmom and my dad flew in today and the next three days I will eat as clean as possible, I think the only thing that will put a slight cramp in my style is that I’m taking them to the brewery’s in Fort Collins on Friday. And I have a wine tasting groupon thing on Saturday. But I’m going to stay away from white sugar and chocolate.


Biotin, Prenatal, Fish Oil, Gluc/Chon


Homemade clean banana bread, some GF pretzels and organic peanut butter/almond butter

Quinoa with tofu, veggies, curry sauce

Bit more peanut butter/almond butter with GF pretzels and bit of banana bread

Quinoa with tofu, veggies, curry sauce

Granny Smith apple skin pealed, few almonds




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