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Day 80: Grandma

on March 20, 2012

Boot camp kicked my butt this morning!!! So much running and sprints and competitive stuff that I wanted to puke!!! The instructor Adam was insane!! I am now walking slowely and can barely bend over. I’m Grandma Booyah this morning at your service. There was this one race and I busted out ahead, I dont know how I did it! And guess who was my main competitor. F-ing “Bob” Arggggg I was chanting in my head the whole way “cheater cheater pumpkin eater” He won by a hair. Loser. Openly bitter.

I think I’m heading towards my girl time of the month cause my boobs felt huuuge! I wish I had 10 bras on. I swear I would have beat Bob if I did not have these extensions. Santa was against me this morning.

We voted for the “Endeavor Award” a traveling award that is boot camp peer voted on every boot camp session. Remember, last camp was Bob. I voted for him again. Siiike, I almost wrote on the paper “anyone but Bob.” (I need to get over this). They seem very serious about this award. My sickness kept me out of camp for 2.5 weeks. Maybe I’ll get the award! (I’ll never get over that).

I took another long nap after work today, Its what my body needs apparently.

Breaking news: I’m a terrible speller and thank god for spell check

Oh me aching back!


Biotin, Fish Oil, Gluc/Chon, Cinnamon, Prenatal


1/2 clean muffin – pre boot camp

2 clean muffins with a bit of almond butter and some GF pretzels

A bit of left over homemade sweet potato fries

A bit more

Few spoonfuls of my homemade Quinoa curry tofu veggie dish I’m obsessed with making.

Whew managed to save enough to have my Quinoa dish for lunch. yum.

Bit of Homemade sweet potato fries, some GF pretzels and almond butter, 1/2 clean muffin – after work snack

City O’ City for dinner – I will choose a healthy choice, I like their salads


Boot camp craziness, sprints, running, squats, burpees, stairs, stairs and more stairs, indian runs crab walking up hill (Fuuuuu), suicides up an incline, etc…


3 responses to “Day 80: Grandma

  1. you don’t have to get over the “bob” thing, it keeps you motivated! and it keeps me entertained!

  2. racheycarter says:

    WhoTF is this Bob? What About Bob? I love that movie. Oh, Bill Murray. How I love thee.

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