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Day 82: Thursday

Last night I had beer for dinner, 3 to be exact, and that made me very tipsy (borderline drunk). I made it to three bars. There was walking to the first and second and a cab to the third cause I was cold and lazy and tipsy. After that was all said and done I had an amazing piece of pizza. Seriously amazing. It turned into a drunkin random Wednesday. I had fun and I do not regret the fun part. Obviously drinking three beers and having a slice of pizza was not “clean” and beer makes me gassy. But I’m kinda indifferent to the backlash of TBT. I’m burned out on blogging. I almost think 60 days is a good challange. Then again, I could be trying to mold things to ME.

I got up to go to boot camp but went back to bed, I was not really hung over (I woke up several times to re-hydrate) but I was really content snuggling and plus my car was blocked in and I had a very long day ahead of me that I really was not convinced I would make it through if I had gotten up that early. Excuses Smauses.

My stepmom and my dad flew in today and the next three days I will eat as clean as possible, I think the only thing that will put a slight cramp in my style is that I’m taking them to the brewery’s in Fort Collins on Friday. And I have a wine tasting groupon thing on Saturday. But I’m going to stay away from white sugar and chocolate.


Biotin, Prenatal, Fish Oil, Gluc/Chon


Homemade clean banana bread, some GF pretzels and organic peanut butter/almond butter

Quinoa with tofu, veggies, curry sauce

Bit more peanut butter/almond butter with GF pretzels and bit of banana bread

Quinoa with tofu, veggies, curry sauce

Granny Smith apple skin pealed, few almonds



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Day 81: Word of the day “clean muffins”

I had a dream last night, no lie, that a Dunkin Donuts opened up very close to me. My dream is kinda foggy but it opened up next to another place I liked alot (not sure exactly what it was, but it was something I obviously like alot, like ice cream shop or something) and I was so estactic and excited that I could get donuts AND whatever else my favorite was… I remember in my dream going up to the lady and asking for one chocolate Munchkin. She then proceeded to dip it in chocolate and give it to me. (they dont actually do that in real life). It was sooooo nice.

It was my day off and I did pretty much nothing but hang out in my apartment and write emails about my stupid loser renters and cook things.

Then I got drunk, oops

Supplements/Vitamins: Biotin, Prenatal, Gluc/Chon, Fish Oil, Cinnamon

1 clean muffin – pre boot camp
1 clean muffin, few GF pretzels 1 egg, 1 egg white, left over salad from city o city, some homemade sweet potato fries
1/2 clean muffin 1 clean muffin, few GF pretzels, finished off the homemade sweet potato fries
Some homemade Quinoa curry tofu veggie stuff
1 beer
Hummus and veggie
2 beers
Slice if cheese pizza

Exercise: crazy boot camp (lots of running on treadmill, abs and weights, etc…)

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Day 80: Grandma

Boot camp kicked my butt this morning!!! So much running and sprints and competitive stuff that I wanted to puke!!! The instructor Adam was insane!! I am now walking slowely and can barely bend over. I’m Grandma Booyah this morning at your service. There was this one race and I busted out ahead, I dont know how I did it! And guess who was my main competitor. F-ing “Bob” Arggggg I was chanting in my head the whole way “cheater cheater pumpkin eater” He won by a hair. Loser. Openly bitter.

I think I’m heading towards my girl time of the month cause my boobs felt huuuge! I wish I had 10 bras on. I swear I would have beat Bob if I did not have these extensions. Santa was against me this morning.

We voted for the “Endeavor Award” a traveling award that is boot camp peer voted on every boot camp session. Remember, last camp was Bob. I voted for him again. Siiike, I almost wrote on the paper “anyone but Bob.” (I need to get over this). They seem very serious about this award. My sickness kept me out of camp for 2.5 weeks. Maybe I’ll get the award! (I’ll never get over that).

I took another long nap after work today, Its what my body needs apparently.

Breaking news: I’m a terrible speller and thank god for spell check

Oh me aching back!


Biotin, Fish Oil, Gluc/Chon, Cinnamon, Prenatal


1/2 clean muffin – pre boot camp

2 clean muffins with a bit of almond butter and some GF pretzels

A bit of left over homemade sweet potato fries

A bit more

Few spoonfuls of my homemade Quinoa curry tofu veggie dish I’m obsessed with making.

Whew managed to save enough to have my Quinoa dish for lunch. yum.

Bit of Homemade sweet potato fries, some GF pretzels and almond butter, 1/2 clean muffin – after work snack

City O’ City for dinner – I will choose a healthy choice, I like their salads


Boot camp craziness, sprints, running, squats, burpees, stairs, stairs and more stairs, indian runs crab walking up hill (Fuuuuu), suicides up an incline, etc…


Day 79: I turned down da cake

I had a milkshake last night after a healthy dinner of salmon, arugula and brown rice. I also snuck a very very small amount of M&M’s. This is me being honest. I felt really gassy after that milkshake and probably will not be having one again for some time….. I hope. Boot camp this morning sucked the life out of me, I feel like Gumby. I really feel good afterwards though so I’m sucking it up. This is the last week. Then a week off. Then 5 more weeks. I’ll only be able to do 4 because I’m going to Japan the last week. I dream of Sushi.

There are some really fast people in my boot camp. I’m really inspired by how awesome they are. On a scale of 1 to 10 my awesomeness is about a 6 or 7. (middle of the pack). Stuff to work on…. namely probably not eating a milkshake the night before.

When I got home from work I slept for  2 hours, my body just cant handle such intense workouts at 5am. That or I need to suck it up.

My renter in my house is not paying rent. I was kinda internally stressing about that today which also makes me tired and want to sleep.  But I did get up and make a ton of healthy food for the rest of the week so that I will make good choices.  My co-workers bday was today and they had a cake, I was very proud not to take a slice.  It was a fancy good one from Whole Foods too!!!  sigh.


Biotin, Prenatal, Gluc/Chon, Cinnamon, Fish Oil


Few GF pretzels and a tsp of almond butter

2 eggs

1/2 chicken wrap from whole foods, bit of GF pretzels and almond butter

Take two: 1/2 chicken wrap from whole foods, bit of GF pretzels and almond butter

More GF pretzels with almond butter

Mahi Mahi frozen organic patty, GF risotto, homemade sweet potato fries, cauliflower, tad of organic teryaki sauce on the fish

1/4 of a Vanilla Porter


Crazy boot camp. We did alot of barbell stuff that seemed “cross-fitty” along with a bunch of speed work, which I need.


Day 78: I dont know what I’m doing

I woke up on a better side of the bed. I dealt with my issues. Funny how that works. Today I’m at work. I’m ok with this. Its windy out today so I feel fine with being inside. I’m really talking about my feelings.

We are slow on Sundays and man the Easter aisle always beckons me to visit, so I did and decided I wanted to make Easter baskets. I bought a bunch of candy and baskets and grass and eggs, etc… 15% off suckas!!! I put some candy in a few prescription vials and I’m sending them to my grandmom. I chuckled at that idea. My will power is dwindling cause I had a little bit of candy. Tell me, is it ok to have a few little cheats here and there or to save them all for one day and go over board? I’m starting to think that I might be ok with a few here and there as long as I dont let it get to where I was pre-TBT. I dont really look forward to “cheat days” cause what if half of one day and half of the next contain two events that have a cause of a cheat. See, too much thought into all this. Not worth it.


Biotin, Prenatal, Gluc/Chon, Cinnamon, Fish Oil


1/2 clean muffin, GF pretzels and almond butter

2 egg whites, 1 egg with a tad of goat cheese, 1 peice of Ezekial toast, bit of GF pretzels

1/2 clean muffin

Some trail mix

2 clean muffins

Very healthy clean tuna sandwich (no mayo) with lettuce, pickles, whole wheat bread

Homemade potatoe salad

1 very small bite size Kit Kat

5 M&M’s

3 Whopper Easter eggs

Salmon, brown rice, arugala

Chocolate milk shake – fail

IPA beer – fail on my stomach




Day 77: Hot

Happy Stoopid Green Drunkard Day. Not really, but thats how I felt on St Patty’s day.

My man friend took me to Steamboat to go to the Hot springs for my birthday present. It was so nice there! It was an oasis of awesomeness. If you can check it out, it was only $10 bucks to go in the hot springs. I’m still amazed by them. Reminder: google “hot springs” and see how they are in this world. After a certain time of the day “clothing is optional.” We were there early in the day so I did not get to see any naked glory. Boooo I did try and de-pants my man friend multiple times. We were a classy bunch in the steamy wonderland.

We left there around noon then drove back to Denver. I woke up on the wrong side of the bed, I knew why too but I didnt want to talk about it. I was pleasant but I new that the Hermit Erika was about to come out full force. The drive back was beautiful and I cant say enough about my man friend, he rocks.

When I got back into Denver all I wanted to do was curl up in my bed and sleep and watch Hulu flicks, drink a beer alone and eat stuff. It was so nice. Being alone and anti-social does a body good sometimes. However by 10:30pm I called man friend and told his drunk ass to come to my King Bed Oasis. He happily obliged. I did get to see a girl pee on my apartment’s front lawn. Her and my dog would get along great! Case in point: douchebags are out in full force on 3.17.12. Her other douchy loud friends “covered” for her. I was secretly hoping she would get caught by the cops and have to register for Megans Law as a sex offender. Wishful thinking.


Biotin, Prenatal, Gluc/Chon, Cinnamon, Fish Oil


2 clean muffins

Decaf coffee with powder creamer and 1 sweet and lo (the hotel had a coffee maker!! score!)

2 sips of a nasty yogurt smoothie

Few scrambled eggs

3 or 4 bites of a cinnamon bun -CHEAT

Decaf coffee with skim milk and 1 splenda

1 clean muffin

1/2 of a Kind Bar

2 veggie “meatballs”

1/2 of a chickan salad wrap from Whole foods

GF pretzels and fresh organic almond butter

1 Vanilla Porter beer

Take two: 2 veggie meatballs, 1/2 of a chickan salad wrap from Whole foods

GF pretzels and fresh organic almond butter


Slowly moving around the Hot Springs

Other unmentionables


Day 76: Oh I’m on this!

Oh Irish weekend, how silly thee arg. Everyone is Irish this weekend. Lucky for me I am 50% so I am golden!  I dont even drink that much so I’m all talk buuuttttt I may have a few brewski’s tomorrow and I had one today.

Breaking news: I went to boot camp this morning and I felt greeaaattt!!! like Tony the Tiger great. Say it…. say it…. Everyone was very nice to me and so I felt welcome back. Even accent boy, Adam said “You back Erika! Great, see you Monday!”  Then I creamed in my pants. Not really but sorta. I feel back and ready to attack. I also already signed up for the next 5 week program that starts April 2nd. I am soooo on this thing.

Today I had off and my besty friend had some of her besty friends in town from Ohio so I joined them in a lazy sunny Friday pre-St. Pattys day festivities of lounging and drinking. I had a beer and then classed it up with a glass of Chardonnay. God I wish I could drink beer all day (not really) but I just dont have the make-up for it. I was not designed that way. First off I get buzzed with A glass of wine so drinking beer all day would make me feel bloated and gross, oh and wasted.

Tonight my man friend is taking me to the hot springs in Steamboat for my birfday present.  We are going to have un-protected sex!!! lol just joking.  I will proceed to kiss his face off though so dont judge me. Judge free blog zone right here. We will probably get some dinner on the way there and I will choose wisely grasshoppers. I promise.


Biotin, Cinnamon, Prenatal, Gluc/Chon, Fish Oil


1 clean muffin

1 clean muffin with a thing of peanut butter from boot camp ( friday turned into people bring breakfast day?)

A tad bit of trail mix

Grilled Mahi mahi fish tacos with corn tortillas, bit of refried beans and rice (I’m apparently addicted to fish tacos)

1 Corona beer (aka shit)

1 glass of Chardonnay

I will eat a healthy dinner I will eat a healthy dinner I will eat a healthy dinner (kinda buzzed)


Crazy boot camp!!!!!!!


Day 75: Gobbledy Gook

I get these emails at least once a day from my boot campers and I feel disconnected from what they are doing. Uh probably cause I’ve been sick and have not been able to go for two and a half weeks. I responded to all today and explained that I had the flu that progressed into walking pneumonia and would they ban me if I came tomorrow and the last week. Overwhelming response: No. Who knew. So I will force my ass to go to boot camp in the morning even if it means I need to bring my inhaler and cough up a lung. Its harder to breath as of late and its not that I”m pushing myself too hard, its just what it is when you have been really sick and getting over the lingering stuff. Gobbledy Gook.

I feel like I have been laughing a lot lately. A lot. Yet I do not know what to write that would prompt a chuckle.

Fresh Face!


Biotin, Prenatal, Fish Oil, Gluc/Chon, Cinnamon


1/2 cup rice krispies with some honey

Some Quinoa with tofu curry veggies

Clean muffins

More Quinoa with tofu curry veggies

Decaf iced latte with skim milk and sugar free pump of vanilla, one splenda

Handful of animal crackers

3 dark chocolate kisses

More Quinoa with tofu curry veggies


5 mile run

1/2 of Ab ripper X

12 swings of the kettlebell

Few wide arm push-ups

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Day 74: Meh

I woke up again this morning to go to boot camp and stood in my kitchen for 10 minutes paralyzed by the thought of going. I instead slept all morning then met a friend for lunch before work. I did do a teensy bit of abs and the kettlebell but thats all. Not sure whats going on in my head, I feel tired. I do see an improvement in how my jeans fit since I have been sick and I know that if I keep cheating and not working out I’m going to lose it. I’ll get there, I just need more time. On the bright side I have been doing little cheats each day instead of one big cheat day. Dont worry I am not patting myself on the back.


Biotin, Prenatal, Gluc/Chon, Fish Oil, Cinnamon


One cup of rice krispies with some honey, 2 bites of a homemade from scratch brownie (dont worry I gave them to my man friend so they would be out of site)

Few left over sushi pieces with brown rice, two spoonfuls of quinoa curry tofu veggie dish I made

Two grilled fish tacos on small flour tortillas, few bites of coles slaw, steamed veggies, some crab claws, 1 piece ahi tuna

Handful of animal crackers and 2 Hershey kisses (dark chocolate), 2 bites of a Think Thin brownie bar (no sugar, GF)

Homemade Quinoa with tofu curry and veggies

Bite of Think thin bar


Some Bosu ball abs

Some Kettlebell swings

Few push ups

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Day 73: I’ve fallen off the wagon

I did not go to boot camp again this morning. I think I am nervous about being away 2 weeks and it being so intense. I’m still coughing a lot and dont feel myself. I feel extra tired and sluggish. I’ll get back in the swing of things, I just need some time.


Biotin, Gluc/Chon, Prenatal, Fish Oil, Cinnamon


1 cup of rice krispies with some honey

Handful of animal crackers

Some sushi with brown rice and bit of edamame

Take two: some sushi with brown rice and bit of edamame

Failed: 3 Hershey kisses and a handful of animal crackers

2 homemade from scratch brownies

some homemade quinoa curry tofu veggie

half vanilla porter beer


Ran 5.2 miles

Speed walked 2.55 miles

2 kettlebell swings 20 kg two sets of 12

Bosu Ball abs