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The sweatpant chronicles

I woke up feeling feisty! Hot Diggity Dog!  (btw, saying “hot diggity dog” to things you do not know how to respond to is a fool-proof way to prevent ‘wrong responses.'” Works every time)

And by feisty I meant, irritable and hormonal. As I get closer to the birthing process I have been more moody.  All I can say is I have been a champ for 9 months, I deserve this time.

After sleeping in, then getting up to eat some raw cookie dough (I lost interest in completing the task the night before) and a swig of orange juice I took a nap on the couch for 2 hours.  I then got up to drink some water for the baby and eat some Raman noodles sans spice packet, strategically draped over the bowl so it would become cold.  Then it was time for my 2 hour, out of sweatpants, time to take a very domestic trip to Target and buy “important” items for the “hospital” bag.  Such as: Sour gummy worms, a toothbrush, some Gatorade (full calorie), travel size Cheez-It packets and one thing of strawberry banana yogurt.  I never eat yogurt, but felt compelled it would complete my “hospital” bag.

We returned home, baby daddy installed both car seats into our cars, we laughed about the absurdity of our lives, and then I returned to my infamous XXL sweatpants (which I wore pre-pregnancy mind you hence not feeling guilty around man friend) and took another nap on the couch while half watching the Create Channel on public television.  I am all very content with this.  Until I get the friend motivation to go out for food, which we do, Sushi.

Now, I have a long history of awkward conversations/situations with waiters and waitresses.  Why I thought this would be different… I did not.  I’m already nauseous but I wanted a “safe” roll and some edamame.  Server lady had a really awkwardly placed mole near her chin/lip.  It was not my fault the lighting in that place made me feel like a blind grandma!  I seriously could not look away from that mole because for the life of me I could not figure out if it was a piercing or a mole.  My eyes would not leave that place on her face.  I was stuck!  I had no control.  By the time I figured out it was in fact a mole, not a piercing the damage was done, she hated our table.  I too have a face mole!  She is one of my people! I let down my people.  They left out the strawberry in my roll and I was so pissed.

Here is a random chronicle of my 2012:

I started this blog at the beginning of 2012, my anthem was End the Shit Show!!! Adele was my mascot. Florence and the Machine was my anthem (Shake it Up)!  My grandmom even told me, “Erika, 2012 is your year!” Well, it all came true. 2012 has been the year to remember and I’ll tell you friends, if you build it, it will come.  Perhaps not exactly my crazy chain of events but whatever works for you…. let me enlighten you:

Yogi, my dog of 5 years, my buddy, my traveller through life, passes away very suddenly due to kidney failure

I went on a date, four days before my membership expired, to ultimately find the love of my life

Getting insanely sick for a month that left me with walking pneumonia and two trips to the Urgent Care

Getting pregnant, 2 and a half months after my date. Fuuuuuuucccckkkk, easily interchangeable with either a question mark or an exclamation point

Going to Japan while insanely sick with morning/all day sickness

Quitting my job because retail can suck it!

Getting a new job because I’m an F-ing lucky SOB

Going to Mexico while not enjoying a fruity drink and wanting to puke my brains out

Moving into a new place with said love of my life

Selling my house in Colorado Springs.

Getting a new puppy.

Getting engaged.  Hello.  Insert heartsy fartsies here

Giving birth. Soon.


2013 Better rock!  haha

Vitamins: Prenatal, Fish Oil

Eats: raw egg, OJ, Raman, edamame, sushi role with ghetto strawberry on the side, lame.

Exercise: Walking to the bathroom ALOT.

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The Pregnancy Diaries

I’m annoyed I have not blogged more consistently throughout my pregnancy.  I’m 36 weeks now and I had/have so many random things to share.  Now my baby will have nothing to read when she is in her 30s about how cool I was, epic fail on my part.

Reality check #1 I could have a legit baby next week that is full term. Hello.

Reality check #2 I could write a whole blog about hemorrhoids, I’m thinking children’s book in the near future. Hotness.

Its been a crazy ride, I continue to throw up as if it has become a silly joke I play on myself and I hands down, no lie, forget what it is like to be “normal” and what my body was like pre-pregnancy.  Its fascinating and depressing.  I read a post on a “freinds” Facebook page (remind me to delete loser-heads) that was all “I looooove being pregnant, it’s so amazing.”  Not only did I want to kill her and her unborn baby (I just went really dark on ya’ll) but I considered her dumb for using multiple “o’s” which is not okay people.  The ultimate reason this was not ok on my part??  I, myself, often, and consistency, use multiple vowels in text messaging.  Shame on me for being a Pot (that called the kettle black).

Is it ok  to NOT like being pregnant?  Who makes this decision.  I do.  That is who suckers. Me. And I’ll be honest, I’m done. I had a come to Jesus talk with Stella (my baby in utero) that she needs to shape up or ship out, I’m pretty sure she is going to decide on shipping out, in aboooout 3 weeks or so.  I’ve got the stereotypical pregnancy waddle and it aint ok sweetie pie.

My baby is the best.

Way better than the other babies at the midwife place I’m gonna give birth.  Doing it sans drugs, with incense and lots of chanting.  Not really, but sorta.  They have us going to these baby classes and I find them entertaining, annoying, informative and a complete waste of time all rolled into one big ball of pregnancy hormone.  I do not care if I moan during sex, if I moan like I see in those natural childbirth videos I told Jared to kill me, or laugh in my face with a pointed finger.  That said, I’m probably going to be laughed at. Oh but pay back is a bitch, while I”m naked in all my glory that man will be putting on scuba gear and getting in the pool with me. What What!  See what revenge type things I have to work with while pregnant. Pathetic.

I have tried to stay consistent with running, but after I did the Epic Relay I could not run, my body was like hells to the no fat handicap lady.  Instead I took one or two trips to the gym and did some circuit and weight exercises.  Did that for a few months than for the past month or so have made laying on my couch watching The Voice my biggest adventure.  Luckily because I”m on this new vomit diet I have only gained 14 pounds!!!  Barf.   I do sometimes walk the dreaded mall for exercise sometimes, which sounds really weird and what old people do but it keeps me busy and since this summer was a shit show (hot) it cooled me off.

Annoyance of the month: People who shop at Hot Topic.

So besides being obnoxiously positive, outwardly, to people (blogging makes all my inner demons come out for some reason), I’m ready for a solid 72 hours of labor to come asap.

Oh and if you really want a good laugh until next time: We got a puppy.  I’ll let that one simmer.

Vitamins: Fish Oil (started this back up recently, not sure why I stopped), Pre-natal, did a stint on probiotics then got pissed with the price

Eats: Ha ha

Exercise: as of late, moving my weights into the living room and doing deep squats and holding them


It comes full circle with Bob

Forgive me blog gods it has been blank weeks since I last blogged.  Man, just when I thought I was free and in the clear of “morning” sickness, I hit a wall.  Right after I last wrote (reminder for those skimmers out there, you know who you are, “friends:” I was running around Wash park and loving life) I got super sick again and have been buying Zofran on the black market in back alleys.  Oh wait, I live in Colorado… I just stalked my pharmacy for early refills.  This has become a way of life for me folks.  I’m doomed to have “morning” sickness my entire pregnancy.  I can’t help but think this is what happens when you get knocked up living in sin. (12 years of Catholic school guilt all up in yo faces).

Onto more important news, I went to Mexico recently which was planned pre-fertilization (sorta… rather I found out my pee stick was positive and I got on the phone to my friend and said, kinda hysterical like, “lets book that flipping vaca to Mexico, like tonight, like now, like you need to get your arse over to my apartment and bring your credit card.”) and this baby moon turned into one big looser-vill type of place. Note: do not ever use  Not unless you love when resorts are advertised as Adults Only, All Inclusive and you instead get a resort with a Kidz Club and the nightly entertainment as Zumba dancing and hit the piñata.  I mean they even spelled the club with a “z” which makes me mad.  I have never hated kids so much as I did on this trip as well as gotten so irate at a staff for  running out of ice cream.  I also became racist towards people who did not speak English.  To sum it all up:  I contemplated suicide with a beach towel, questioned my ability as a parent and wanted to become an alcoholic, the non-functionable kind.  I blame all those emotions on being pregnant.  I have that right.  Especially when you throw up three times before 9am. Wah.

I also recently moved to a new house with my man friend, in Park Hill.  It’s a lovely place. Except when you are at a pleasant Jazz at the Park Sunday evening and tragedy strikes with a shooting.  There was a split second when a wave of over a hundred people were running towards me and my manfriend when I thought we’re not gonna make it.  Redick.  What is this world coming to. We really like the house and even have a special room for the un bebe which makes my heart happy.  It currently stocks a “Bob” stroller that my mom (bless her in all her neurotic glory) haaaad to buy me right away in case anyone else bought it for me.  As if there were a line of people to buy me a “Bob” stroller.  Then I told my grandma how great it was that she bought it for me and my grandmom was like “Oh, uh, I’ll buy you a crib and mattress!!”  I had a very brief glimps into why I am so weird. I also had a large glimps into how I have a manipulative mind and wanted to use this mother/daughter contest to my advantage.  Hey, I’m not the one that never got hugged.

Closest to mi casa (I’m still in Mexico apparently) is a Walmart.  I was really hoping for some good ‘ol fashion People of Walmart type experience.  And nothing. Laaaame.  Again what is this world coming to.  I did feel slightly numb after the 2 hours I spend in there.  Having a grocery store with a store that sells clothes and home goods really takes a lot out of me.  I plan on the next visit to be more exciting.  If I can’t get People of Wal-Mart to me I will start the trend.  I’m thinking a smelly barefoot baby while breastfeeding and shopping for cold cuts.  Only thing is I’ll have to wait 4.5 months and I just know I’m going to need hot dog buns AND a tankenie before then.  Just joking I don’t eat hot dogs.


Prenatals!, B6 for nausea (for the birds!), Zofran like it’s crack (yes it is ok for the baby!), Tylenol prn for headaches cause my hormones are whackety wack!.


Virgin Bloody Mary’s almost daily (out of control), random sips of beer when people are not judging me, veggies and hummus, Mexican food (see I am not racist after all), salty chips when I want to be “bad” and fruit, etc….


I ran like one or two other times L  I’ve been lifting weights a bit at home, when I go to the gym I like the rowing machine or the bicycle, lately with the 100 degree heat I have just been sweating all the time, etc…

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Itsa bitsa betta

I’ve been speaking in a New York accent lately “My man cawld me whiles I’s was doin my lawndrey, I was like, whys you gotta cawl me whiles I’m doin my lawndrey.”  That really happened.  For Halloween I have decided I am going to be a Hormone.  Its going to be glorious!  I will be so huge and puffy and annoyed, it will be so easy.  Actually my man friend and I were thinking of doing a duet (cause thats what cool couples dooooo suckas!)  I’m going to be a pimple and he is going to be a Clearasil bottle.  Heeelarious.  Yes, I know its only May.

I’m still eating veggies and organic humus like its my full time job and I love every gassy episode.  I went out for sushi the other night with some friends (I will put this in parenthesis for all you judgers: its fine!!!! America loooves to scare its pregnant woman, and no I did not have tuna) and it was interesting….

Story numero uno: we sit down, going great. Uh oh bathroom break real quick.  Barfy barfy barf (before I even ate anything), I swing the door open, with sweat glistening on my brow, huge exhale of “whew!” and I proceed to get awkward with the two ladies waiting to use the single ladies room. “Man, did you hear that?”  Ladies with horrified judgy looks: “Yes.”  Me: “Just so you know I am not bulimic I am pregnant okay?”  Ladies: “mumble mumble.”  It was a prime candidate for best awkward moment I caused.  Winning!

Story numero dos:  I went to the mega 24 hour gym in Centennial with my manfriend who works near there (like you need a special membership to go in this place, true story).  I wanted to “try it out” aka never go back again to Guam.  The sweet little lady behind the counter couldn’t find my normal membership in the system (I have thoughts that perhaps they have not charged me the past two months and I am silently elated).  So during the time that she is paging a fitness instructor to come to the desk to help her I proceed to inadvertently do what I do best, make things awkward.  Me: “Yeah I have not been to the gym in two months, I suck, I’m so fat.”  Lady: (horrified look) “Oh no! you look fine, you’re not fat, I’ve….mumbled off into some incoherent talk that was unnecessary and an awesome look into human nature’s response to feeling responsible for my feelings on feeling fat…”  Me: “Yeah I’m preggo and have had the worst morning sickness the past two months.”  Lady: rather little girl who barely had breasts developing: “Oh I’m sure that was horrible…mumble mumble into some incoherent talk about babies and things she has no clue about and now is thinking she needs to stop having sex with her video gamed obsessed boyfriend with an “ok” penis.”

I exhaust myself.

I have many awkward moments with waitresses about TBT.  Thats for another time my friends.

I did run all the way around Washington Park for the first time in months yesterday without stopping.  I felt really good and for the first time I was thinking I may have passed over the morning sickness slash all day sickness hump.  I am going to try and repeat that today too.  I have not taken my medicine for nausea yet but I might take a half just in case and ween myself off them to prevent Hormone Harriot from resurfacing.  I’m getting ready for the Epic Relay!!! Cant wait.  And there will be a midwife on the team this year and I plan on stalking her!!! yayayayayay

Still taking pre-natals, and have not really been craving sugar at all, its so much easier than the TBT when I was having freak out withdrawals.  Lots of fresh fruit and veggies.  I do splurge and drink this yummy chocolate milk from Whole Foods but I dont eat much calcium so I figure it balances out.

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Vegetable Crudite obsession

Writing everyday seems laborious and typing my pregnancy slash (love typing out the “slash”) TBT sob story seems annoying.  Annoying like how Pheobee asked me yesterday when I was emotionally crying, laying in bed nauseous and exhausted: “Are you guys [manfriend] getting along?” and I responded “Yeah, we dont fight, its weird”  I proceeded to think of all the ways I probably would have rolled my eyes at someone who told me that.

It’s not too annoying because I’m still writing (eyes rolling).

The last few days have been good, granted I still need my nausea medicine and there seems no end in sight for the end of that.  Besides yesterday (when I tried going drug free and almost had a melt down), I’ve felt a wee bit better.  I’ve taken off the sweat pants and spruced myself up to go out to “events” three days in a row, heels included.  And eyeliner…. hello! And I have tried to eat better.  No grease for me!  Except mid veggie/hummus dip obsession my waiter at one place suggested the cheese fondue!!!  It was served with veggies!!!  But he ruined/glorified the whole thing cause then he brought out fresh cut french fries to dip, stating “I never could figure out what was missing with this fondue until I tried french fries, here take a bowl and try some.”   Thank you new friend because dipping those fries in that digestive slowing pool of cheesy goodness made it taste like I was eating a hotdog OR a loaded baked potato, the jury is still out.

I do not have much of an appetite, last two days I have been living off of fresh fruit and raw veggies with organic hummus.  Its semi-annoying (apparently I’m annoyed easily) when people say “I’m eating for two!!!”  Uh yeah pre-fatty McGee you’re gonna be post-fatty McGee too because all you need to do is eat 300 extra calories a day not a whole extra meal at McDonald’s. (To disclose: I have done this when I was in the prime of my morning sickness, I judge me too)

Mid-meltdown Tuesday I walked to Einsteins Bagels on my rare break from work and ate a lightly buttered raison bagel toasted.  Ate that, then went back up to the counter and had a re-play (my extra 300 calories).  I threw (as in hurled) that last one up a little bit later 😦  Not on purpose judgers!!!

My meltdown was mainly due to me feeling like crap but it might also be due to the fact that I am in the middle of evicting my current tenants and my lawyer is raping me in fees, I just signed a lease with my manfriend for a 3 bedroom house with yard in Park Hill (as if a baby was not enough), I’m mad I can’t run, I found out I will be without insurance for 2 months when I change jobs, yeah I’m changing jobs (no weekends and nothing past 6pm now)….

Sob story comes to a close.

I’m eating healthier and getting stronger!!!

Last minute attempt to make this blog positive comes to a close.


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March 23rd-May 16th 2012 Apocalypse or Legend?

Did I skip a few days?

Did anything happen within those days? Oh nothing too special only I found out I am pregnant with my man-friends man-child.  Yeah thats happening.

Here’s my quick spiel (which I’m finding out is more for me than anyone else): I’m 31, I have  good job, I make good money, ditto on the man-friend. So what if we met on the Internets (shopping for a good mutual fund of course) and have not been dating very long.  So what if we did not use protection once and that quickly turned into an after school special.  So what if I dont know his last name (that one is a lie).  We are soul mates (barf, who says that for real). He has been my rock through the past two months and that alone has made him an amazing person that I do not mind one bit raising a child with, we do have something special and I’ll be darned if starting that “special” happened sooner than the “life plan.” That said, how awesome to start it sooner, I’m in.  He might be slightly more excited than me.  Once again I ask, am I a dude?

On the health side I have had the worst morning sickness of-my-life, ever, in all of my feeling like crap days.  Who knew growing another human life inside of you could make you want to also kill yourself and/or lay in bed all day and only get up to A. puke or B. puke.  Fuuuuuuuck.  I tried to be all “Oh I’m fine, I’m going to mentally tell myself that I feel great and that” Trying that reverse phycology is enough to want to tear your brain out.  Eventually I succumbed to the shittiness and have been puking ever since.

TBT allowed my body to be at its most healthy it has ever been.  Of course I was more prone to get pregnant. Duh. I should have known!  But lately I have been eating like crap,  for a month, lets be honest.  No, really. Crap. Stuff I have not eaten since I was in highschool and I’m even going to go so far as to say when I was a toddler in the 80’s when food was like AIDS, not too much was known about it (hell for that analogy).  Donuts, cheese, white bread, you name it. Whatever I was “craving” I ate because I could not eat anything.  In fact I lost a pound the past 2 months.  New Diet: Preggo AM Sickness: 50 ways to ruin your diet and still lose one pound.  Write it down Suzanne Summers. I know you will.

I have not worked out, although if you count getting up 5 times  a night to pee, then I am an Olympic pee-er. Fuuuuu

I am 11.5 weeks, I’m waiting for the 12 week day where I will throw myself a little goodbye pity party and feel normal, eat healthy again and find out what weights are again.  I need to for my sanity, my unborn baby (so dramatic) and because I’m F-ing running the Boulder Boulder 10k Memorial Day, a Half Marathon in Steamboat June 3rd, a “Half” Marathon Trail run in Leadville (fuck), and a bazillion mile Relay in July.  Prayers are being accepted.

I am undecided what this blog will be, mainly me being pregnant and trying to eat healthy and work out.  I have thoughts for the babe not to have sugar while I am pregnant nor the first year it is born….. I’m not quite there yet, I’m just trying to eat whatever I can and whatever stays down.

Vitamins: Prenatal <—–that also got me pregnant

Eats:  I dont know if I can bring myself to list the “bad” I consume until I start feeling better

Exercise:  This makes me grumpy


Day 82: Thursday

Last night I had beer for dinner, 3 to be exact, and that made me very tipsy (borderline drunk). I made it to three bars. There was walking to the first and second and a cab to the third cause I was cold and lazy and tipsy. After that was all said and done I had an amazing piece of pizza. Seriously amazing. It turned into a drunkin random Wednesday. I had fun and I do not regret the fun part. Obviously drinking three beers and having a slice of pizza was not “clean” and beer makes me gassy. But I’m kinda indifferent to the backlash of TBT. I’m burned out on blogging. I almost think 60 days is a good challange. Then again, I could be trying to mold things to ME.

I got up to go to boot camp but went back to bed, I was not really hung over (I woke up several times to re-hydrate) but I was really content snuggling and plus my car was blocked in and I had a very long day ahead of me that I really was not convinced I would make it through if I had gotten up that early. Excuses Smauses.

My stepmom and my dad flew in today and the next three days I will eat as clean as possible, I think the only thing that will put a slight cramp in my style is that I’m taking them to the brewery’s in Fort Collins on Friday. And I have a wine tasting groupon thing on Saturday. But I’m going to stay away from white sugar and chocolate.


Biotin, Prenatal, Fish Oil, Gluc/Chon


Homemade clean banana bread, some GF pretzels and organic peanut butter/almond butter

Quinoa with tofu, veggies, curry sauce

Bit more peanut butter/almond butter with GF pretzels and bit of banana bread

Quinoa with tofu, veggies, curry sauce

Granny Smith apple skin pealed, few almonds



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Day 81: Word of the day “clean muffins”

I had a dream last night, no lie, that a Dunkin Donuts opened up very close to me. My dream is kinda foggy but it opened up next to another place I liked alot (not sure exactly what it was, but it was something I obviously like alot, like ice cream shop or something) and I was so estactic and excited that I could get donuts AND whatever else my favorite was… I remember in my dream going up to the lady and asking for one chocolate Munchkin. She then proceeded to dip it in chocolate and give it to me. (they dont actually do that in real life). It was sooooo nice.

It was my day off and I did pretty much nothing but hang out in my apartment and write emails about my stupid loser renters and cook things.

Then I got drunk, oops

Supplements/Vitamins: Biotin, Prenatal, Gluc/Chon, Fish Oil, Cinnamon

1 clean muffin – pre boot camp
1 clean muffin, few GF pretzels 1 egg, 1 egg white, left over salad from city o city, some homemade sweet potato fries
1/2 clean muffin 1 clean muffin, few GF pretzels, finished off the homemade sweet potato fries
Some homemade Quinoa curry tofu veggie stuff
1 beer
Hummus and veggie
2 beers
Slice if cheese pizza

Exercise: crazy boot camp (lots of running on treadmill, abs and weights, etc…)

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Day 80: Grandma

Boot camp kicked my butt this morning!!! So much running and sprints and competitive stuff that I wanted to puke!!! The instructor Adam was insane!! I am now walking slowely and can barely bend over. I’m Grandma Booyah this morning at your service. There was this one race and I busted out ahead, I dont know how I did it! And guess who was my main competitor. F-ing “Bob” Arggggg I was chanting in my head the whole way “cheater cheater pumpkin eater” He won by a hair. Loser. Openly bitter.

I think I’m heading towards my girl time of the month cause my boobs felt huuuge! I wish I had 10 bras on. I swear I would have beat Bob if I did not have these extensions. Santa was against me this morning.

We voted for the “Endeavor Award” a traveling award that is boot camp peer voted on every boot camp session. Remember, last camp was Bob. I voted for him again. Siiike, I almost wrote on the paper “anyone but Bob.” (I need to get over this). They seem very serious about this award. My sickness kept me out of camp for 2.5 weeks. Maybe I’ll get the award! (I’ll never get over that).

I took another long nap after work today, Its what my body needs apparently.

Breaking news: I’m a terrible speller and thank god for spell check

Oh me aching back!


Biotin, Fish Oil, Gluc/Chon, Cinnamon, Prenatal


1/2 clean muffin – pre boot camp

2 clean muffins with a bit of almond butter and some GF pretzels

A bit of left over homemade sweet potato fries

A bit more

Few spoonfuls of my homemade Quinoa curry tofu veggie dish I’m obsessed with making.

Whew managed to save enough to have my Quinoa dish for lunch. yum.

Bit of Homemade sweet potato fries, some GF pretzels and almond butter, 1/2 clean muffin – after work snack

City O’ City for dinner – I will choose a healthy choice, I like their salads


Boot camp craziness, sprints, running, squats, burpees, stairs, stairs and more stairs, indian runs crab walking up hill (Fuuuuu), suicides up an incline, etc…


Day 79: I turned down da cake

I had a milkshake last night after a healthy dinner of salmon, arugula and brown rice. I also snuck a very very small amount of M&M’s. This is me being honest. I felt really gassy after that milkshake and probably will not be having one again for some time….. I hope. Boot camp this morning sucked the life out of me, I feel like Gumby. I really feel good afterwards though so I’m sucking it up. This is the last week. Then a week off. Then 5 more weeks. I’ll only be able to do 4 because I’m going to Japan the last week. I dream of Sushi.

There are some really fast people in my boot camp. I’m really inspired by how awesome they are. On a scale of 1 to 10 my awesomeness is about a 6 or 7. (middle of the pack). Stuff to work on…. namely probably not eating a milkshake the night before.

When I got home from work I slept for  2 hours, my body just cant handle such intense workouts at 5am. That or I need to suck it up.

My renter in my house is not paying rent. I was kinda internally stressing about that today which also makes me tired and want to sleep.  But I did get up and make a ton of healthy food for the rest of the week so that I will make good choices.  My co-workers bday was today and they had a cake, I was very proud not to take a slice.  It was a fancy good one from Whole Foods too!!!  sigh.


Biotin, Prenatal, Gluc/Chon, Cinnamon, Fish Oil


Few GF pretzels and a tsp of almond butter

2 eggs

1/2 chicken wrap from whole foods, bit of GF pretzels and almond butter

Take two: 1/2 chicken wrap from whole foods, bit of GF pretzels and almond butter

More GF pretzels with almond butter

Mahi Mahi frozen organic patty, GF risotto, homemade sweet potato fries, cauliflower, tad of organic teryaki sauce on the fish

1/4 of a Vanilla Porter


Crazy boot camp. We did alot of barbell stuff that seemed “cross-fitty” along with a bunch of speed work, which I need.